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Today is: Saturday, August 8, 2020

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If you have already graduated with an ABET BS degree in engineering, you must be a Mississippi resident to apply for this exam. This includes applicants whose education is a combination of a graduate engineering degree in an ABET curriculum PLUS a non-ABET BS degree, and applicants whose undergraduate education has been evaluated and found to comply with the NCEES Engineering Education Standard.

JSU, MSU and UM undergraduate students and graduate students who are currently enrolled in an ABET engineering curriculum should contact their Dean or his/her representative to verify the Dean will approve them to take the FE exam, and with that verification, the students may proceed with submitting an Engineer Intern application to the Board office as directed below.

In January, 2014, the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam converted from pencil and paper format to computer-based testing format (CBT).

Computer-based FE exams are administered only at approved Pearson VUE testing centers. At present, there are three centers in Mississippi: Jackson, Tupelo, and Mississippi State University. There are also centers in Memphis, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, and New Orleans; you do not have to take the exam in Mississippi.

There will be four testing windows for the FE annually. Each of these windows will last for three months. Therefore, exam appointments will be available year round. Candidates for a CBT exam may take the exam only one time per testing window and no more than three times in a 12-month period.

Beginning in 2014, some of our sister states (Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and others) will no longer “approve” applicants to take the FE exam. In those states, examinees will apply directly to NCEES to take the exam, and only upon passing their exam will they apply to their state board to be enrolled as an Engineer Intern.

The Mississippi Board, however, will continue to require an application for approval to take the exam, just as we have in the past. The Mississippi Board will not enroll as an EI anyone who was not “approved to test” by the Mississippi Board. So Mississippi residents who passed these exams without first applying to the Mississippi Board for “approval to test” will have to apply to the surrounding states for their Engineer Intern enrollment (Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and others).
  • Engineer Intern Application Instructions & Transcript Request Form
  • Submitting an Engineer Intern application is now done through an ONLINE process. The application is completed online by answering questions.The application fee is submitted electronically by credit card or electronic check through NIC, the online payment processor for Mississippi state government. The Engineer Application fee is $25.00; you will also be assessed an online processing fee of about three dollars.
    If you do not have a credit card or a bank account, or if you decline to pay the application fee with a credit card or electronic check, you will not be able to apply with the Mississippi Board, but you can apply with the PE Board in a neighboring state and still take the exam in Mississippi by choosing a Mississippi exam location.

    IMPORTANT: your application is received by the Board office and processed only upon successful payment of the required application fee. If you don't receive the emailed receipt of your payment, you should first log back into the system and verify your email address and that you actually finished the process and submitted your payment. If you did, then contact our office to be sure we have received your application.

    BEFORE PROCEEDING to the application, you are strongly advised to download the Engineer Intern Application Instructions & Transcript Request Form by clicking on the link ABOVE.

  • Once you have downloaded the Instructions, proceed to the online EI application by clicking on the link below.
  • Important Reminder: Your FULL NAME is REQUIRED.
  • ONLINE Engineer Intern Application