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Today is: Sunday, May 31, 2020

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  Comity Professional Engineer submitting an NCEES Record

The Comity PE application process is NOT for reinstating a lapsed/expired license. If you want to reinstate a lapsed/expired license, please return to the home page and click on Re-Licensure OR Expert Testimony Limited Licensure.

BE AWARE that ALL Mississippi licenses expire every December 31, so if you are issued a license towards the end of the year, it will EXPIRE at year's end. License renewals begin in late November.

An NCEES Record is a compilation of your education, exams, licensures, and references maintained at your request by NCEES for a fee. It is not simply a record of the NCEES exams you've passed.

Will you be submitting an NCEES Record as the supporting documentation of your Comity Professional Engineer application?
If NO, scroll down to the bottom of this page for those instructions.
If YES, please continue reading the instructions directly below.
  • If you will be submitting an NCEES Record......
  • If you will be submitting an NCEES Record, then you are to submit your Comity Professional Engineer application through an ONLINE process. The application is completed online by logging into our secure application site and answering a series of questions. At the end of the questions, the application fee is submitted electronically by credit card or electronic check through NIC, the secure online payment processor for Mississippi state government. The Comity PE application fee is $75.00; you will also be assessed an online processing fee of about four dollars. You will be sent an emailed receipt of payment.

    IMPORTANT: your application is received by the Board office and processed only upon successful payment of the required application fee. If you don't receive the emailed receipt of your payment, you should first log back into the system and verify your email address and that you actually finished the process and submitted your payment. If you did, then contact our office to be sure we have received your application.

    BEFORE PROCEEDING to the online application, you are STRONGLY ADVISED to download the Instructions & Forms (if needed) for a Comity PE applicant who is submitting an NCEES Record by clicking on the first link below.

    Once you have downloaded the instructions, then proceed to the Online Application for a Comity PE submitting an NCEES Record by clicking on the second link below.

    Be advised that the Mississippi Ethics Commission has ruled that the state public records law requires the Board to furnish the following licensee information in response to public records requests: name, address, employer, telephone number, and email address. So if you have both a public email address and a private email address, it is suggested that you use your public email address in online transactions with the Board.
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your FULL NAME is required by state law.
  • Instructions & Forms (if needed) for a Comity PE applicant who is submitting an NCEES Record
  • ONLINE Application for a Comity PE Submitting an NCEES Record ----- (NO OTHER type of applicants should use this form)